The Doctorspot is making a difference one life at a time!


Our Manifesto

I am a place where one community’s greatest need meets another community’s greatest asset,

But I’m never in the same place two days in a row.

I’m the vehicle that brings top-notch healthcare to the center of the need more effectively than all the legislation in the world, And I do it for people who couldn’t vote even if they wanted to.

I’m one part Dallas entrepreneurism, one part Texas tenacity, and one hundred percent committed to kids.

I can turn a scared, sick child back into a happy, healthy one and turn a frustrated, despairing parent into a picture of pride and relief.

I can make an entire community healthier, And give a whole generation a prospect for better health.

For a medical professional, I’m the difference between wondering if you’re making a difference.....

And wondering at the amazing difference you’ve made.

For a parent without insurance, I’m the difference between being in a tough spot.....

And being in the right spot.

I’m where politics peters out and ideologies find agreement.

I’m where heart-on-the-sleeve compassion and hard-headed pragmatism both reach out and take the hand of a child.

I turn an empty patch of asphalt into a pediatric clinic And a neglected neighborhood into a promising place to be.

For underserved communities, I’m a bright spot.

For the medical community, I’m a hot spot.

For anyone who wants to make a difference for the children of Dallas, I’m the sweet spot.