The Doctorspot is making a difference one life at a time!


About Us


The Doctor Spot exists to provide basic medical services for children ages zero to 18 in medically underserved neighborhoods.

The Doctor Spot is a project of The LifeSavers Foundation, a faith-based non-profit organization which exists to empower and assist those in crisis. The LifeSavers Foundation is based in Richardson, Texas.

What is a Doctor Spot?

The Doctor Spot is a mobile pediatric clinic providing basic medical services to some of Dallas County’s most medically underserved neighborhoods. The clinic travels around the Dallas area to strategic “hot spots” such as schools, apartment complexes, strip centers, libraries, etc. to provide care to children on a routine basis in order to keep the community in good health.

The clinic is staffed with medical professionals and examinations rooms. It offers sick checks, immunizations, obesity and mental health screenings and athletic exams—the preventive services that children need to be healthy and thrive both at home and in the classroom.

The Need:

Dallas County is home to more than 675,000 children. Of those 24.9% live below the federal poverty level—exceeding the state and national average—and live in the State with the highest number of uninsured. Most of these children show up in a hospital emergency room, especially if they are Medicaid beneficiaries—more than one-quarter of these children are more than likely to have had at least one ER visit in a 12-month period than persons with private insurance. With the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the newly insured will be enrolled in Medicaid which will is not going to be expanded in Texas. They will be forced to continue using the ER for their medical services. Conservatively, over 55% of ER visits are non-critical. With the average cost of an ER visit at $650.00, the medical costs are staggering.

These children face additional dangers. Since 2000, the infant mortality has increased by 35% in Dallas County. And one-fourth of 2-year-olds have not been properly vaccinated. This is a major hindrance to the health of Dallas County.


The Doctor Spot provides free services for children of the uninsured and poor as well as Medicaid enrollees who, unable to find a doctor, will resort to using the ER.

Children are provided with a hub for basic medical services in their own neighborhoods.

No matter where The Doctor Spot is parked, it is at the center of good things for the Dallas community. Healthy children are more attentive students, less likely to spread illness in school and are less of a financial burden on the hospitals and communities that ultimately take care of the uninsured and poor.


What kind of return on investment can we expect from The Doctor Spot? The best benchmark is a 2008 study of a mobile health clinic sponsored by Harvard University. In terms of quality adjusted life years and estimated ER expenditures avoided, the study put the ROI at 1:14. In other words, that’s $14 worth of public health value for every actual $1 spent.